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This search service is aimed at adults who want to make themselves known as simple natural persons or professionals, also displaying and presenting their projects to the general public as providers of services, products, inventions, creations, sites, web pages, blocks, links. , text, etc. Users who visit MULTIVIVE.COM use their own common sense with or without knowledge (the platform, MULTIVIVE.COM, reserves the right of admission), decision compares and is informed of the truthfulness or falsehood of the information presented in this/these websites. Independently and/or inclusively by filling out the form to sell, publish that are of a commercial nature material and/or profiles that are subscription (personal) whose reason is to make themselves known to other people due to compatibilities and/or to be affordable and skillful (which remains under the full responsibility of the advertiser knowing that MULTIVIVE.COM, multivive.com, has no influence or legal responsibility over any type of personal or virtual digital commercial advertisement), this service is general knowledge, trade products and services locally in your city, country or globally over the Internet. In the area of ​​your city you can make yourself known and be found through your commercial advertisements, or professions or as a natural person. Users who publish their profile and who look for other people to interact with, realize and are aware that they want and are enabled to be found; The service is for local, national, and international use. In encuentremeya.com there are tools for general search, sale, purchase, rent, services, increasing and decreasing auction, leverage and others at a local and global level (the use is under your total responsibility as well as that of the advertiser, visitor and/or or buyer knowing that multivive.com has no legal responsibility for any type of personal or commercial advertisement, it only has the control of removing or suspending publications that violate these terms or contravene the law). Advertising products or services and/or advertising personally provide general information to the public which is your sole responsibility and decision; as well as buying and selling of all kinds, visiting sites, entering auctions, leveraging, buying necessary or unnecessary things, etc. Therefore and at all times the use of the ENCUENTREMEYA.COM page. AND multivive.COM, AND MULTIVIVE.COM you agree to all obligations set forth in this Agreement “Agreement” whether or not you register as a member or visitor otherwise do not use this website.

This agreement sets out all the legal parameters you need to use the site and its service. This contract may be modified by MULTIVIVE.COM periodically as the main and annexed pages, the modifications will be effective from when MULTIVIVE.COM exposes the page and its publications which may be from encuentremeya.com or from any person with free will of which You are responsible for verifying the veracity and authenticity of the content, links, redirected web pages, videos, texts, etc. asking questions to the information provider through the means provided in the contact section of each advertiser in their corresponding advertisement in "contact this advertiser", you can also ask our advisor through the Contact us link which we will answer in the shortest possible time .

By accepting this agreement, you also agree that some websites we operate may be governed by separate privacy policies and international agreements. The agreement that applies to any of our domains and sub. Domains is always the agreement that appears at the bottom of each page.

This agreement is effective on and from October 10, 2007, for current users, members, subscribers and upon acceptance of new users.


The Services are only available to persons who have legal capacity to contract. People who do not have that capacity, minors or MULTIVIVE.COM Users who have been temporarily suspended or permanently disabled may not use the services. If you are registering a User as a Company, you must have the capacity to contract on behalf of such entity and to bind it to the terms of this Agreement.

When you wish to become a member to communicate with other members or purchase services, things or other, thus using the MULTIVIVE.COM service, read the Agreement and indicate your acceptance by following the SUBSCRIBER OR MEMBERSHIP instructions in the registration process.

For proposals, guidance, help, send your concern through the Contact Us, Page Administration or Help link..


MULTIVIVE.COM is the owner and has all property rights of the page in this language and others proposed on the page as well as the service. The page contains, including but not limited to, text, icons, graphics, logos, images, video, photographs, illustrations, audio clips, digital data, software, and other material found either in Email messages or on the commercially produced information protected by intellectual property rights or copyrights, including registered trademarks and other proprietary information on the main and annexed pages of MULTIVIVE.COM. It is not permitted to copy, modify, publish, transmit, distribute, display or sell any information contained in the attached page, database or main page of MULTIVIVE.COM without authorization from the author. If any of the rules are violated, damages or losses of any kind, including monetary losses, will be claimed through legal means due to intervention, use, copy, replication or similarity of the material without the consent of the owner, which is protected under copyright by national and international laws. . The user, subscriber, member undertakes not to decompose or alter the software of the MULTIVIVE.COM service or allow third parties to do so..


The user must be of legal age to register as a member of MULTIVIVE.COM. In case he or she is a minor, he or she may use it from the age of 18, for which an authenticated written authorization from the parents, guardian or legal guardian is required. It must be scanned and sent as an electronic file with the notary's legible record to the page administration, contact us or help, at the time of filling out the membership or subscriber form. This DOCUMENT authorized by the parents or legal guardian represents the authorization of the use of the page and services and also justifies that you have the right, authority and capacity to enter into the agreement and to uphold all contracts and conditions of this Agreement. If any information provided by the Subscriber is found to be false or inaccurate, MULTIVIVE.COM reserves the right to cancel the Subscriber's or subscriber's subscription and terminate the rights to use the Service. The Subscriber or subscriber authorizes MULTIVIVE.COM to keep and use the data provided to offer other services and products, as well as to transfer the Subscriber's or subscriber's data to its network of ASSOCIATES for the same purpose. People search services, agreements, virtual or in-person meetings are accepted with full responsibility by the user and/or concerned. It should be noted that the people who visit the web pages of any site are of all kinds, knowledge, responsible or not, positive and negative like nature itself.


Annex: multivive.com, encuentremeya.com is a search, communication, and information service of which multivive.com and encuentremeya.com does not offer any conditions or guarantees, nor does it have control over its use by users, which is unpredictable. The results of any interaction are your responsibility, user or otherwise. We can warn the user about security measures when meeting a new person in shopping centers, accompanied, leaving information to their relatives about their plans, not providing personal information on the first date, unless they have several encounters with deep knowledge of the other person. We may warn in the mode of communication through multivive.com, if there is chat interaction or inappropriate messages or comments or unsolicited or requested sexual images, unsolicited or illegal images of any kind or text that are unsolicited or inappropriate or prohibited by law or On the other hand, the account of the offending user will be suspended definitively or indefinitely for violating the rule. If there is transmission, emission, sending and receiving of prohibited material in any mode and territory by this means; Possibly such information with controlled virtual origin and material will be exposed to the corresponding authority upon request.

1- The article, item, service, rental, reservation purchased inside or outside the country of origin can be returned if the product is very different from its description, it must be in its original packaging, in perfect unused condition and salable as new with its accessories and original papers and guarantees, in the first 5 days from the date of receipt, having proof of the day of receipt, taking charge of the return shipping costs, re-storage charges, handling, transportation, amount or other that the item has caused; agreeing with the seller on the monetary balance to be returned. In services, rental reservation purchased, the value paid can be reversed if the service, rental is different from the product description. The qualification in your encuentremeya.com account is important because from there it will determine the status and retention of funds if there is any discrepancy in the parties, therefore the service or rental reservation must be qualified within 5 days from the purchase. of the service, rent or reservation. In international purchases, the return of the product or service can be made within the first 5 days following the day of receipt, keeping the delivery receipts as well as the return shipping receipts, which must be scanned and sent to the seller as soon as it is made. return. Agree with the seller and/or buyer for any discrepancies before qualifying.

2- The warranty is visible in the purchase panel, possibly explained in the product specifications, if there are none you can contact the seller for definitions or specifications. In the case of used items, the seller must provide the original warranty paper with the item to the new buyer. In case of no guarantee, the buyer must be informed and specify it in the purchasing and/or sales panel. 3- Cancellations of the purchase of a product or service rental reservation are possible within 6 hours of paying for the product if you first contact the seller or service provider to agree on the cancellation terms. Before purchasing, it is good to ask and obtain complete advice from the seller of the product or service or rental to avoid cancellations that could generate discrepancies. 4- Items sent nationally and internationally generate a tracking number which must be provided to the MULTIVIVE.COM platform to carry them out to the administrative accounts of the buyer and seller in the shortest period possible. In returns or other claims, the shipment tracking number with specifications of country, city, address, postal zone, name, contact number will be used as a basis. In the event of a refund of money or credit, it is the only way to prove sent and received which is equivalent to a closed transaction for seller and buyer. All tracking proof or shipping guide must be provided to the platform to be evaluated, the seller is responsible for the purchase until the buyer has signed as received, just as in returns the buyer is responsible for the product until the seller or the shipping service confirms receipt. The platform refrains from giving verdicts due to major causes, conflict outside or within the law or incompetence due to properties, circumstances or others of the case. If you cannot generate a tracking number for some cost or other reason, do not make shipments or negotiations outside the platform, because if the buyer does not receive the product with a tracking number, they could obtain a full refund of the value paid for the purchase. At the end of the delivery time established by the seller, the platform or another, the seller could lose his money plus the article/item/tangible product due to a claim in the absence of a tracking number, or the tracking number not being found by search engines. guide just like the buyer who returns a product or tangible item. In the event of errors in the guide, the platform will refrain from making a decision until any error or imperfection is clear. Any negotiation outside the platform will not be taken into account unless there is a document legally signed by both parties accepting new terms, extra costs, handling, taxes, insurance, commissions or other in the transaction that must explain in detail the reason for the transaction. change, movement made in any purchase or sale through the multivive.com platform. On behalf of the seller of a product, you must write in your publication values and description of the item with weight, measurements, cubic volume, the precise value of national and international shipping, cost of the carrier if it is outside the price of the product, duties and taxes, shipping and receiving handling costs, and in case the load-package-product is greater than 40 kg. Nationalization is required in most countries, therefore you must let the comparator know the costs of nationalization, storage, transportation outside the port, handling costs and movements within the sea and/or air port, freight agent costs, which are usually required (the buyer without an import license cannot carry out the procedures), payment of taxes-VAT, etc. all this in order to warn and let every buyer or seller know the procedures involved in the import/export of a product to another nation. In the event of any change in the negotiation, it must be in writing in a document detailing the purchase number, date, commissions, values and everything related and in an agreement signed by both parties, which will be the basis for payments or refunds through conciliation or legal outside of multivive.com. 5- Each purchase and sale must be qualified as soon as it is received or obtained. Transfers of funds to the corresponding buyer, seller for sales or returns will be made within 3 to 5 business days after the transaction or when the buyer qualifies the service, product or item in their account in terms of whether they received the product, status. , and compliance. The sales tax is automatically charged when the user pays with a credit card, pse, efecty or any means of payment along with "bank transfer charges" approximately 10 thousand pesos Col. The charges are seen and made together with the commission for sale by encuentremeya.com at the price of the item when the funds are trtransferred to your bank account registered in the commercial profile of encuentremeya.com. 5a. When returning a physical product, you must keep in mind that the return of funds when you wish to return a physical product is only possible when the product was paid with pse, visa or master card through clavameya.com, (Non-Cash or other) and that If the payment for the product has been transferred to the seller by clavameya.com, within three (3 to 5) days following the transaction and without there having been any claim or cancellation of the purchase by the buyer, all liability and at all times after this period of 3 to 5 days, it is assumed in its entirety and at all times by the buyer and the seller in any transaction, return of funds, adaptation or other nature and in all aspects including shipping costs, relocation, transfer of funds to your account, technical review by the manufacturer of damage to the item or missing parts and/or resolution of the conflict in the event of or by legal and/or legal means in any territory. If possible, try to reconcile returns, guarantees, or anything else based on the legal terms and regulations of the territory where the transaction occurred. Findmeya.com and affiliates reserve the right to suspend or eliminate without notice at any time advertisements that fail to comply with the terms of this contract. To find an answer use contact us.

5b- The owner of advertisements, written publications, virtual classes, virtual shows, shows, works of all kinds, consciously knows, knows about the endorsement of the laws of his/her territory/s, countries with respect to authorship and/or property rights of which you have full and sufficient knowledge and responsibility with respect to selling to any user books, works, virtual classes and offering charges/payments for affiliation for the purpose of viewing/exhibiting written or virtual content of your authorship or another . Findmeya.com / and affiliates MULTIVIVE.COM, declares that it has no influence or responsibility over any work, work, literary exercise of text or content displayed on its web pages due to the fact that the dissemination of any literary content has its property right. author of which has absolute control in editing, suspension, deletion on the encuentremeya.com, MULTIVIVE.COM, encuentremeya.com site. The owner of the advertisement, who has freedom to edit, suspend, delete, hide his advertisement and publications, does not have to be notified by encuentremeya.com and/or affiliates when the content of his advertisement or publications violates the terms and conditions or laws of any territory. The content will be suspended and upon examination eliminated from the databases, to avoid being exposed for non-compliance with the terms and conditions of this site and the laws of the territory, country, confederation or other legally consolidated. Consult Intellectual property rights and copy rights of users of texts and books Consult legality of copying. 5c- The owner of general advertisements, video publications, virtual classes, personal profiles, knows that the QR codes or other codes that contain links directed to personal or commercial interests or others have limitations of the platform with respect to the user or visitor. QR codes, similar or other, links to be published without permission may generate temporary suspensions until obtaining proper consent/permission from the platform, which includes pop-up windows and/or publications of any kind on multivive.com, of which you can contact to determine whether they will be done for free and/or with a charge from the platform. 6- The delivery of the product depends on the company chosen by the seller or the buyer. Tracking or shipping and tracking status can be done with different applications such as 17 track with the tracking number provided by the seller. The seller, as well as the buyer of a product, must know or ask the seller about all expenses that may be incurred in the importation of the product and require in the description of the item the precise or approximate value of the shipment with duties and taxes in case the cargo is greater than 40 kg. due to nationalization, storage costs, transportation, port movements, freight forwarder, taxes, VAT, etc. in order to warn and know the procedures for importing the product to another nation. The seller and/or buyer user exempts encuentremeya.com, MULTIVIVE.COM from all responsibility for the costs of shipping, receiving, processing, loss of any item, product, service or other tangible or intangible item. 6a- Services and/or face-to-face, in the options menu of MULTIVIVE.COM.com, without being an advertiser or provider,foundmeye is not responsible for any publication(s) or events resulting from which the sending and receiving user(s) are fully responsible. in the varied possibility(s) of publishing with the view of all user(s) to be carried out by and to consumers and people in general who may or may not legally be able to supply, purchase, deal with virtual or in-person services tolerantly, starting with professional consultations or non-professionals virtually and/or in person with the possibility of communicating provider(s) and user(s) virtually or in person in appointments and in places with ordinary people in shopping centers or other busy or private areas. There is no obligation or responsibility of MULTIVIVE.COM to positively or negatively warn people involved, only the will and responsibility of the provider/s and user/s to remain in the place/appointment/event/circumstance, event or with the person mentioned. . In collections and remuneration of the aforementioned platforms, if any of the participants abandon the appointment, the time elapsed from the moment they physically greeted each other will be deducted. Whoever purchased the service has control by logging in by clicking the image that corresponds to their purchase and using the link Leave the class in case the appointment ends for some reason, if not, there will be a normal charge for the time elapsed. On the side of the service provider, he can also give up by politely telling the buyer that he has to give up for some reason. If you continue with the appointment, the provider can monitor that it is still running.

The page is for the private, personal use of members and non-members, who may not use it for any purpose as well as: Organizations, companies, and/or merchants cannot become members or use the service of the page for any purpose. Illegal and/or unauthorized use of the page, including collecting names and/or directing members' e-mail by electronic or other means for the purpose of sending unsolicited e-mail and any other means of unauthorized propaganda will be investigated and appropriate legal actions will be taken in all civil legal spheres.

9. Clauses to know the user, subscriber, member for cancellation of their account:

A. The user understands and agrees that MULTIVIVE.COM may reverse and turn off any content, messages sent by MULTIVIVE.COM Messenger, or mail, photos or profiles that MULTIVIVE.COM deems to be offensive, illegal, or that may violate rights, hurt or threaten the safety of members or users.

B.The user, subscriber, member, is fully responsible for the content that he or she publishes on the service, or transmits to other members or users.

C. What follows is a list that specifies the type of content that is illegal or prohibited on the page. MULTIVIVE.COM reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action against any user who violates this prohibition. Including, without limitation, the power to remove offensive communication from the Service and terminate the partnership of violators of any content that is: Offensive to another online community, with content that promotes racism, bigamy, hatred or physical abuse of any nature against any group or individual; torment any person; follow you - unwanted, harass you, send unwanted, vulgar, threatening emails, which may be investigated. That involves the transmission of unsolicited mass e-mail – Spam or unwanted e-mail; That promotes false, misleading information or that promotes illegal, subversive, warlike activities or conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene or defamatory; That promotes unauthorized or illegal copying of works secured by own or other people's copyright by providing illegal computer programs, music or links that direct to it. That shows pornographic or sexually explicit material of any kind; That provides material that sexually or violently explores a minor under 18 years of age, or that requests particular information from any minor; That provides information that instructs on illicit activities such as how to produce weapons, violate people's privacy, promote or create violence, viruses; That requests signs or personal identification for marketing or illicit activities of other users; Start, carry out a commercial activity and/or sell, without our consent, posters, advertisements and pyramid schemes or propaganda

D. The Service must be used in a manner consistent with any and all legal and regulatory applications, laws, rules, and regulations.

F. MULTIVIVE.COM does not have the ability to monitor the conduct of its members or users. It is a violation of rules to use any information obtained from the Service for the purpose of tormenting, abusing, or harming other people, or in order to contact, solicit, advertise, or sell to any member without their explicit authorization. In order to protect our members from these situations, MULTIVIVE.COM has reserved the right to restrict the amount of e-mail that each member can send to other members during the 24-hour period, the user or subscriber must contact or contact the service. police in your locality in case of abuse by other users or communicate and report through the contact us link, customer service or help. Thus, MULTIVIVE.COM will authorize the sending of the number of correspondences that it deems appropriate, the same with personal advertisements that are placed for terms of time established by their cost or time.

10. Contract:
This Agreement will remain in full force and effect while the site is used by a member. The contract may be terminated at any time, for any reason by following the instructions on the resignation pages in the My Account, or upon receipt of any notice of contract termination from MULTIVIVE.COM may carry out this procedure for any reason that will be effective from the moment of sending the notification to your email provided when you became a member, or to another email that was later provided to your profile.

11. Your account
To interact within the site, users, members, subscribers must use a pseudonym or username that will identify them. Users will not have access to the personal information of other users, and to access the services reserved only for duly registered users, users will have a personal password. With it they will be able to use the services of ENCUENTREMEYA.COM, MULTIVIVE.COM, communicate, buy, sell, offer, qualify, among other activities. You must keep this password under absolute confidentiality and in no case should you reveal it or share it with other people. To register as a member, subscriber, or user, you must go to the My Account link, follow the steps by selecting USER NUMBER AND PASSWORD, with the user number it will be recognized by the main and attached page to make transactions and use all services. If you have registered as a subscriber, user, member with MULTIVIVE.COM you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your input and for restricting access to your computer, and you agree to accept full responsibility for all activities that occur under your account. and password. MULTIVIVE.COM recommends acting with caution and common sense when carrying out transactions with other Users. The User must also keep in mind the risks of contracting with minors or with people who use a false identity. MULTIVIVE.COM will NOT be responsible for making offers and/or operations with other Users based on the trust placed in the system or the Services provided by MULTIVIVE.COM. The user will be responsible for all acts that take place through the use of his/her Pseudonym and Password, which includes being responsible for paying any fees that may eventually accrue or for any damages that other users may suffer for this reason. If for any reason a user believes that someone may know their password, they must modify it in the MY ACCOUNT link on the MULTIVIVE.COM main page.
12.Confidential information of the member, registered user, subscriber

Once your website is registered, MULTIVIVE.COM will not sell, rent or share Personal Information except as set forth in these policies. We will do everything in our power to protect the privacy of your information. We may be compelled by court orders or legal regulations to disclose information to authorities or third parties under certain circumstances, or in cases where third parties may intercept or access certain information or data transmissions in which case MULTIVIVE.COM will not be responsible for the information that is revealed. The user authorizes ENCUENTREMEYA.COM to share their Personal Information with a credit reporting office or risk analysis companies, to use it for statistical, control, supervision and/or commercial purposes, as well as to report compliance with derived obligations. of the contract with MULTIVIVE.COM to banks, banking and/or financial associations in the country and any other organization that maintains databases for these purposes. The user authorizes MULTIVIVE.COM to consult the information provided by credit reporting offices.

14. Orders from competent authorities

MULTIVIVE.COM cooperates with competent authorities and other third parties to ensure compliance with laws, for example regarding the protection of industrial and intellectual property rights, fraud prevention, legal harassment and other matters. MULTIVIVE.COM may disclose the Personal Information of its users at the request of the competent judicial or government authorities for the purposes of investigations conducted by them, even if there is no executive or judicial order or subpoena, or for example (and without limitation to this case ) in the case of criminal or fraud investigations or those related to computer hacking or the violation of copyright or human rights. In such situations, MULTIVIVE.COM will collaborate with the competent authorities in order to safeguard the integrity and security of the Community and that of its users. MULTIVIVE.COM may (and users expressly authorize) communicate any Personal Information about its users for the purpose of complying with applicable regulations and cooperating with competent authorities to the extent that we at our discretion deem necessary and appropriate in relation to any investigation of an illegal act or fraud, infringement of industrial or intellectual property rights, or other activity that is illegal or that may expose MULTIVIVE.COM or its users to any legal liability. In addition, we may (and users expressly authorize) communicate their full name, pseudonym, address, city, region, postal code, country, telephone number, email address, etc. to participants in the MULTIVIVE.COM Intellectual Property Protection Program in the manner that, in our discretion, we deem necessary or appropriate in relation to the investigation of fraud, illegal harassment, infringement of industrial or intellectual property rights, piracy, or any other illegal activity. This right will be exercised by MULTIVIVE.COM in order to cooperate with compliance and execution of the law, regardless of whether there is a judicial or administrative order for this purpose. Furthermore, MULTIVIVE.COM reserves the right (and you expressly authorize us to do so) to communicate information about its users to other users, entities or third parties when there are sufficient reasons to consider that a user's activity is suspicious of attempting or committing a crime. or try to harm other people. This right will be used by MULTIVIVE.COM at its sole discretion when it considers it appropriate or necessary to maintain the integrity and security of the Community and its users, to enforce the General Terms and Conditions and other site Policies and for the purposes of cooperate with law enforcement and enforcement. This right will be exercised by MULTIVIVE.COM regardless of whether there is a judicial or administrative order for this purpose.
12. Terms regarding trading or advertising between users

MULTIVIVE.COM in its section and more only makes available to Users a virtual space that allows them to communicate via the Internet to find a way to sell or buy services or goods. ENCUENTREMEYA.COM, MULTIVIVE.COM is not the owner of the items offered, does not have possession of them nor does it offer them for sale. MULTIVIVE.COM does not intervene in the perfection of the operations carried out between the Users or in the conditions stipulated by them for them, therefore it will not be responsible for the existence, quality, quantity, condition, integrity or legitimacy of the goods offered. acquired or disposed of by the Users, as well as the Users' capacity to contract or the veracity of the Personal Data entered by them. Each User knows and agrees to be solely responsible for the items that he publishes for sale and for the offers and/or purchases that he makes. Because MULTIVIVE.COM does not have any participation during the entire time in which the article is published for sale, nor in the subsequent negotiation and perfection of the definitive contract between the parties, it will not be responsible for the effective fulfillment of the obligations assumed by Users in the perfection of the operation. The User knows and accepts that when carrying out operations with other Users or third parties they do so at their own risk. In no case will ENCUENTREMEYA.COM, MULTIVIVE.COM be responsible for lost profits, or for any other damage and/or harm that the User may have suffered, due to operations carried out or not carried out by articles published through ENCUENTREMEYA.COM. MULTIVIVE.COM recommends acting with caution and common sense when carrying out transactions with other Users. The User must also keep in mind the risks of contracting with minors or with people who use a false identity. MULTIVIVE.COM will NOT be responsible for making offers and/or operations with other Users based on the trust placed in the system. or the Services provided by ENCUENTREMEYA.COM, MULTIVIVE.COM. Without prejudice to other measures, MULTIVIVE.COM will warn, temporarily suspend or permanently disable a User's Account or a publication and will initiate the actions it deems appropriate, and will not provide its Services if (a) any law is broken, or any of the stipulations of the General Terms and Conditions and other policies of MULTIVIVE.COM; (b) if you breach your commitments as a User; (c) if, at the discretion of MULTIVIVE.COM, malicious or fraudulent conduct or acts are incurred; (d) the identity of the User could not be verified or any information provided by the User was erroneous; (e) ENCUENTREMEYA.COM, MULTIVIVE.COMunderstands that publications or other actions may be a cause of liability for the User who published them, for MULTIVIVE.COM or for the Users. In the case of the suspension or disqualification of a User, all articles published and offers made will also be removed from the system. In the event that one or more Users or any third party initiates any type of claim or legal action against another or other Users, each and every one of the Users involved in said claims or actions exempt MULTIVIVE.COM and its directors, managers from all liability. , employees, agents, operators, representatives and attorneys-in-fact Since the seller user has the power to delete questions or prevent a user from asking questions or offers in their publications, it is made clear that in that case, the user will be solely responsible for that decision and the consequences that may ensue. This agreement does not create any partnership, mandate, franchise, or employment relationship between MULTIVIVE.COM and the User. The User acknowledges and accepts that ENCUENTREMEYA.COM, MULTIVIVE.COM is not party to any operation, nor does it have any control over the quality, safety or legality of the advertised items, the truthfulness or accuracy of the advertisements, the ability of the Users to sell or buy items. MULTIVIVE.COM cannot guarantee that a User will complete an operation nor can it verify the identity or Personal Data entered by Users. MULTIVIVE.COM does not guarantee the veracity of third-party advertising that appears on the site and will not be responsible for the correspondence or contracts that the User enters into with said third parties or with other Users.
Registration on MULTIVIVE.COM is free. When publishing goods or services for sale, the user must pay a publication fee and will only pay a sales commission to MULTIVIVE.COM when the transaction is completed, in case it is not completed due to the seller's responsibility or when the latter do not rate the operation within the corresponding period. To publish a good using features such as: Featured on Main Page, Featured on Main Category Page, Platinum Feature, Gold Feature, Silver Feature, Standardized Feature, the User must pay a charge subject to the current rate. For the use of the Services, the Seller User must pay a MULTIVIVE.COM fee when an operation is completed or in the cases established in the BILLING RATES section. The User agrees to pay MULTIVIVE.COM the Fee, the charges for publication (of normal or extended duration), or for any other service provided by ENCUENTREMEYA.COM, MULTIVIVE.COM for which a current rate has been established. MULTIVIVE.COM reserves the right to modify, change, add, or eliminate the current rates at any time, which will be notified to Users. However, MULTIVIVE.COM may temporarily modify the Rate Policy and the rates for its services due to promotions, these modifications being effective when the promotion is made public or the announcement is made. MULTIVIVE.COM reserves the right to take the judicial and extrajudicial measures it deems appropriate to obtain payment of the amount due. If charges have been invoiced that did not correspond, the User must contact our Customer Service team to resolve said issue. The different options to pay a collection notification or the balances of an Account Statement are as follows: 1. Automatic Debit: through PSE, automatic debit from your credit card. 2. Payment online or online with AMERICAN EXPRESS, CREDENCIAL, DINERS, MASTERCARD or VISA credit card. 3. Payment online or online with your bank account from local banks in your city or country. 4. Pay over the counter at local banks in your city. 5. MULTIVIVE.COM has general, advertising, classified, subscriber, or member account for a certain or indefinite period of time, personal ads, etc., that collect monetary charges for the service provided for the use of the multiple services offered by the page. . At no time is it guaranteed that the MULTIVIVE.COM Services will be provided indefinitely or free of charge.

To provide an excellent service and so that users can carry out operations in an agile and safe manner, MULTIVIVE.COM or offered by the Seller User must be exactly described in terms of its relevant conditions and characteristics. If a photograph is included, it must correspond specifically to the item being offered, unless it concerns new goods or items of services that, by their nature, do not allow such correspondence. It is understood and presumed that by including the good or service on MULTIVIVE.COM, the User accepts that he or she has the intention and right to sell the good or service offered by him or her, or is authorized to do so by its owner and has it available for delivery. immediate. It is established that the prices of the published products must be expressed with VAT or taxes included when applicable, and in legal tender. MULTIVIVE.COM may remove any publication whose price is not expressed in this way to avoid confusion or misunderstandings regarding the final price of the product. It is expressly established that no description may contain personal or contact data, such as, and not limited to, telephone numbers, e-mail address, postal address, addresses of Internet pages that contain data such as those mentioned above, except as provided. stipulated specifically for the categories Cars, motorcycles and other vehicles, Real Estate and Properties and Services. No other means of payment may be advertised, other than those stated by MULTIVIVE.COM on the article publication page. In the event that any of the provisions established in this clause are violated, MULTIVIVE.COM may edit the space or cancel the publication where the violation is found and in no case will the publication or highlight charges be returned or subsidized.
18. Obligations of the Seller and Purchaser
The Seller User must have legal capacity to sell the good that is the object of his offer and the buyer must ensure, accommodate the delivery of the item by means of transport or information about the companies that are in charge of handling the merchandise. If the Seller User has received at least one offer above the minimum price established or for the reserve price or for a higher one in the case of the Auction with Reserve Price modality, he is obliged to try to communicate with the buyer and complete the operation. with the User who has made the highest offer or the one that reaches the price established in the Immediate Purchase modality. Only in exceptional cases may the Seller withdraw from the sale, such as when it has not been able to agree with the Buyer User on the method of payment or delivery or it is not possible to verify the true identity or other information of the Buyer. Given that MULTIVIVE.COM is a meeting point between buyer and seller and does not participate in the operations carried out between them, the Seller will be responsible for all obligations and tax charges that correspond to the sale of its items, without being able to be imputed. to MULTIVIVE.COM any type of responsibility for non-compliance in such OR ANY sense.
19. Taxes.
As mentioned above, MULTIVIVE.COM only makes available to Users a virtual space that allows them to inform and communicate via the Internet to find a way to sell or buy items and/or services. MULTIVIVE.COM has no participation in the process of negotiation and perfection of the definitive contract between the parties. Therefore, MULTIVIVE.COM is not responsible for effective compliance with fiscal or tax obligations established by current law.
20. Bans

Users will not be able to: (a) manipulate the prices of other users' items; (b) interfere with bidding between different Users; (c) maintain any type of communication by e-mail, or by any other means during the offer of the good with any of the Users who participate in it, except in the questions and answers section, customer service, contact us. (d) make known your personal data or that of other users by any means, except as specifically stipulated by rules to follow. (e) publish or sell items prohibited by the General Terms and Conditions, other MULTIVIVE.COM policies or applicable laws; (f) insult or attack other Users; (g) use your reputation, ratings, comments or responses received on the MULTIVIVE.COM site in any area outside of MULTIVIVE.COM Contrary activities will be investigated by MULTIVIVE.COM and the offender may be sanctioned with the suspension or cancellation of the offer and even his registration as a MULTIVIVE.COM User, loss and/or withdrawal of qualifications and/or in any other way he deems. pertinent, without prejudice to the legal actions that may arise due to the configuration of crimes or contraventions or the civil damages that may be caused to the bidding Users.

Data Protection
Users will not be able to: (a) manipulate the prices of other users' items; (b) interferes with bidding between different Users; (c) maintain any type of communication by e-mail, or by any other means during the offer of the good with any of the Users who participate in it, except in the questions and answers section, customer service, contact us. (d) make known your personal data or that of other users by any means, except as specifically stipulated by rules to follow. (e) publish or sell items prohibited by the General Terms and Conditions, other MULTIVIVE.COM policies or applicable laws; (f) insult or attack other Users; (g) use your reputation, ratings, comments or responses received on the MULTIVIVE.COM site in any area outside of MULTIVIVE.COM Contrary activities will be investigated by MULTIVIVE.COM and the offender may be sanctioned with the suspension or cancellation of the offer and even his registration as a MULTIVIVE.COM User, loss and/or withdrawal of qualifications and/or in any other way he deems. pertinent, without prejudice to the legal actions that may arise due to the configuration of crimes or contraventions or the civil damages that may be caused to the bidding Users. Data Protection The data in general, user who has entered their email data, telephone numbers and accounts in the database of encuentremeya.com, multivive.com will be kept in reserve and will only be used by encuentremeya.com for the administration of your account. , provide information or questions through text messages, email; user questions about products or services that other users want to know about your product or service, conflict resolution and guarantees in the case of any sale or transaction, as well as sending information from other users who register in personal profiles or commercial advertisements such as classifieds, products or services through the findmeya platform. Cookies will be used on each page of encuentremeya.com to provide a better computer service (you are let know in each case and time for approval). Emails from encuentremeya.com, multivive.com can be deleted by checking the do not send more emails box at the bottom of each generated email or text. At any time you can send us your request to suspend your account, email, ad code, personal profile, at: request by contact us. The user is responsible for his/her username and password for multivive.com; keep it only for yourself without sharing it, in case of loss or intervention you can make the change in: recover password

The Subscriber, a member, will not assign any right or obligation derived from this agreement, except with the express written consent of MULTIVIVE.COM. Any attempted assignment of the Agreement without the aforementioned consent will be null and void. Notwithstanding the foregoing, MULTIVIVE.COM will have the right to assign this agreement with all its rights and obligations whether by sale of the service, dissolution, division, merger of companies or any other form of transfer. This contract will be mandatory and will have effect between the parties and their respective representatives, heirs, administrators, successors and holders of authorized transfers, except as established herein. If a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision or provisions of this agreement to be contrary to law, such provision or provisions will be redrafted in such a way as to reflect as closely as possible the intentions of the parties, while the other provisions will remain in force and enforceable. . In the event that any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the valid or applicable portion and the remaining provisions of the Agreement will remain in effect and applicable. Any waiver of either party's right to claim (express or implied) for any breach of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of its right to claim any other or subsequent breach. No provision of the Agreement will be waived by act, omission or ignorance of one of the parties or their representatives or employees, but by means of a written and signed instrument in which said provision is expressly waived.

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