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How to use: Live chat 8a. I Voting 3d. I Auctions 3. I Rents and reserves 3b. I Leverage 3c. I Membership 4. I Virtual books 6a. I In video show 8b. I A sale or affiliation 6. I Membership required 5. I Sell ​​or advertise I Membership info and pay info 7. I How to be on the initial page or home 8a.

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1- In order to interact with all functions you could do your profile or ad - After you get the pasword in your email, check your publication wriying the code number or writing in the main text field of Home the key word wich you use to publish your ad, look at the top, it will show an icon with Edit, clicking will open you editor ad, first load and image with the upload/upload the first image "select file" with (Img.1 Images Upload), then write the value fotr tangible items in the field "Sale Price" , if the item is service, class, selling your time/activity or text like ebooks enter also the price, and at the right select the currency in which you want to sell or monetize, following enter the name of the ite with short reference and/or model, power, theme, distinctive characteristic if He has it. In "description of this item" explain characteristics, uses, advantages of obtaining it, qualities, etc. Maximum 800 characters. Continue filling in from shipping costs to Transaction Type. In "item type" Select if it is new, used, refurbished, for video chat or other. In "type of activity" select whether it is an increasing or decreasing auction, rental and reservation or it is a meeting place or another. In additional information below the image write characteristics of the item, extra images (If you want to insert url such as that of whats app web, select Add link and enter With a text for example "GO to .." ) and save. For more detailed information use this link

1a-In the available units section, enter the number for sale of this item uploaded according to the previous paragraph. If you have similar units with a different color and price, you must enter zero in the available units of this form and use another appropriate form in: "Color Ref.:" below the image, after clicking on this link a form will appear to upload the first image that may be the same initially uploaded through (Img.1 Images Upload), enter your reference, price and units available for sale. Upload another image of a similar product that could have a different color or reference, reference, price and number of units available. Upload images of as many units as you have, including reference, price and available units. Because the number of available units depends on the sum of units in Ref Color, when you do not want to use it and sell a single item, delete all images in ref color, and manually place the number of units in "Available Units".

2- Select in "Item Type" new or used, new - promotion (new items in promotion), refurbished (repaired at the factory), organic (when it is something living or organic), service (manuals or suppliers), Affiliation (if for example: a writing or virtual book to enter your ad or a site repeatedly), requires affiliation (to create a form with different prices and affiliation times).

2a- In warranty write the months number (for example: 12 months), if you do not have a warranty write "No warranty", rewrite in "individual sales tax" the percentage of sales tax in your country, if you wish to exclude it, enter (0) zero, assuming that the seller assumes the tax or it is included in the price of the item. The sales tax is automatically charged when the user pays with a credit card, pse, efecty or any means of payment along with "bank transfer charges to your account", value reflected with the currency of sale of the item (this value It will always be discounted from the value of the sale, which can be added to the collection account of the buyer of the item when paid with pse, visa or master card by selecting yes or no in the drop-down menu). Charges are seen and made along with the sales commission by at the price of the item when the funds are transferred to your bank account registered in the cercameya business profile. 2a- If you want to promote a new item with a discount, select "New-Promotion" The field to enter the percentage value of the promotion discount will appear below the image. 3a- Select if it is refurbished or repaired, or if it is organic like a pet, or if it is a service.

3- In Type of transaction -Increasing or decreasing auction- It is used when the value of the object or service at auction increases or decreases until time runs out, such as: I want to do a renovation, or change the roof of my house, etc. ., I place the maximum price to pay, interested parties will propose lower prices until the auction reaches a lower value until the auction time runs out. “Auction with increase” you place the maximum desired price waiting for the bid to increase the value of the item until time runs out. The duration of the auction is determined by you by selecting the number of hours and minutes you want in "Activity duration", then select "start activity and time", start auction" You must select Yes and enter otherwise the auction will never start.

3b- In "rentals and reservations" when the item you sell can be rented by users instead of purchased, the user will make a request for the required number of days and dates. The rental of the item requires payment of the total value of the item before being removed from your establishment. You deduct the payment for the rental of the item from the money left in deposit. This procedure is your full responsibility due to transactions in your hands with payments and received as seller and buyer.

3c- In Transaction Type Leverage- it is for the purpose of paying a commission to the independent seller or user in network marketing for promoting, recommending and/or selling their product or service. When you select and save this selection, a window will appear below the image to enter the percentage of the “Sales Price” that you are willing to pay the seller. If the product has different commission percentages, you can place them by clicking on "Color-Ref" below the image; This percentage is real and payable when a sale is generated by leverage, which is made by discounting the percentage that you offer from the price of the item sold, being transferred to the account of the user who sold your product (the amounts of charges made through credit cards). credit, pse or any transaction registered on for commission, purchases or sales are retained and transferred after 5 days or after the buyer of the product or service qualifies in their user account). The seller user will obtain a copy of their virtual store or advertisement when they accept the terms by completing the leverage form from which they will have reference to sell to their clients which does not interfere in any way with their advertisement.

3d- In Transaction Type Voting: It is for the purpose of making proposal(s) to be approved with yes or no, and/or with options by people. There are two types of simple voting (yes and no) and 2 Form voting with (8 options), writing the reasons and alternatives in additional information in the link below the image and selecting Type of activity/Voting only or 2 Form Voting. The options must be duly explained in the additional information of the announcement, the same with simple voting, with respect to the purpose and purpose that is desired. The title of the vote is placed briefly with a maximum of 20 words at the top of the announcement section. After selecting voting only or voting 2 form according to your requirement, you must then enter the hours and minutes of the voting period in the duration of the activity and save and start voting at the time you require it. If you want to change the voting time, delete the voting data and change the hours and minutes and set the selector to yes and save, thus restarting the voting, the selector will remain at no, indicating that you should not restart the voting once has been started, which returns the counter to the predetermined times, which you can verify in see more of ad. Deleting the voting image will delete all its data. In see more of the voting sections there is the button Gen text of each vote where the results are presented in order to make corrections to votes that do not correspond to those involved, which requires being edited with the announcement key, which will produce an exact count of votes for yes, no and the winning option, which is the sum of votes for the option that received the highest number of votes.

4- Type of article "Affiliation" consists of making the advertisement for your service or product type of affiliation per month of products such as virtual books and texts or affiliation to clubs or others that have the charging system for monthly use, use this drop-down menu placing prices as if sold a physical product, for months of membership, charging the user to read their literary works, clubs or something else. Keep in mind that you sell your works with copyright and property if it is a book, plan, form, legal information, blog-type articles, texts that require payment to be viewed; When selecting this option you must previously place the price of the item in "sale price" also selecting the currency, when saving “Months of membership” will appear below the image. To continue setting the membership time for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or years, click on "Color-Ref" a window will open with the title "Item Color Management", upload 1 image and save, fields will appear “Color-Ref-feature” write 1 month, in “price” The value of that membership for 1 month, in “membership duration” put in only numbers 1 and save. Upload another image, in "Color-ref-characteristic" place by axis: 3 months, in "price" what you charge for the three months of membership, in "membership duration" place only 3 numbers and save. So on until you add the months or years you want affiliates. This option entitles the user who has paid a membership to see all the articles in their ad under the “requires membership” selection. If you want the information in Affiliation Info to be visible for free, you can copy it from Affiliation Info to Info Pay.

5- Type Article "Affiliation Required" Place this when there are written information in the affiliate information of the owner of the ad that differs because its content requires payment to be seen or read, when the user has paid for affiliation for a period of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or a year, etc. All those writings, advertisements, texts, images that you expose in your advertisement and compositions of your authorship or books (with copyright) that the owner of the advertisement exposes, which can be read by any user who have logged in and paid membership. (, is not part of or responsible for the ideology, thought, inclination of the authors or owners of the advertisement).

6- Type Article "A sale or affiliation" Place price, title or theme in this option, use ref color, when you want to sell only one item without affiliation, with the possibility of including ref color. more options for example buying/selling membership or paper book as you could do with other items or products.

6a- "Virtual books for sale" in this option the sale is made like any item which will be downloaded virtually when a user has completed the process of purchasing their book. In your editing panel you must hide the document with the /hide icon that appears on the right side of the document; Otherwise, any user can download this document at any time without paying the value of the book. Books must be in .text format. In your advertisement you must warn that the books can be read with applications such as eReader for .text format or another application with similar properties.

6b-"How to make your books and texts appear on the home page of findmeya": 1- place an image of the book or writing 2- in "Description of this item" make a small but concise review of the topic to be discussed 3- In additional information write text or reviews of the written text 4- In info Pay write the text for which you want to publish for free but with the option of charging for the content 5- Select affiliation info in the "Type of article" drop-down menu, click Enter , a new link "affiliation info" will appear, everything written there is of the pay-to-read type (for which you must make an announcement with different affiliation times with the colored link Ref. located below the flagship image of the book or text). After you type all the text and upload the images you can send a message by Contact us telling us your object code and the name of the book or waiting for our organizers to examine your writing and determine that your text can be published. 6- Your ad by default remains without links, for them to be activated you must fill out your profile 80% otherwise your writings and books cannot be published

7- In "Affiliation Info" is where the owner of the advertisement can write all text, images and information with the intention of being financially remunerated for it and express and expose valuable and constructive content for the majority of people; The owner of the advertisement writes consciously supported by the laws of authorship and/or property rights and may sell virtual books or affiliation payments to any user for the purpose of viewing written content of his/her authorship in his/her advertisement code. The author, owner of his authorship, and declares that he has no influence or responsibility over any work, literary exercise of text or content to the exhibition, copy and dissemination of any literary content of which he has absolute control before publish in suspension, deletion, hiding with the editing of your ad. For the text to appear after the image, there must be images or text in Affiliation Info.

7a- Info pay is information in the form of text, images and links that the owner of an ad wants to publish on the first index page or in any other section of the site for positioning and IT extension purposes. For this purpose you must send us your request and proposal toContact us administration for publication costs and conditions. You can place text and information to promote a product or service that leads to other pages outside, which could have a cost. Consult us to see publication prices and conditions, including having the profile and complete registration of your account in the My account profile

7b-b The Info plus is additional individual information about the product, service or item that you want to sell or publicize, which you will see at the bottom of the selected image.

8a- In order to interact with all functions you must do your commercial ad or profile personal profile After receiving your ad code, username and password in your email, open editar Upload an image, write in "Additional information" content list and in "Description and characteristics" eye-catching text or definition, continue with the other fields, activate livechat in the Article type drop-down"Activate live chat " Then in the see more or all user window in the middle of the page, on the "Start live chat" button, write the password or password of the advertisement you received in your email, which is different from entering your login account. Below the image click edit image and/or links you must write it in Url Redirect when using "Get transmission link". Below the image also appears color ref: where you can place different sessions with distinctive images, duration and prices. If you change the image selected for live chat you must edit the image selected for live chat in the view more of your ad "exit live chat" and return to "start live chat" the same must be done when you change the broadcast direction. In the "description of this item" field, the striking text will be displayed in the window of all live chats. Keep in mind that you must select "Activate livechat" and nothing else. This section was established to teach, share valuable information virtually and live in which you can monetize your time in exchange for knowledge.

8b- In article type "In video show" It will appear to communicate, teach, share valuable, necessary or unnecessary information through video. Enter to editor, Upload a related image, in Video 2 above write the transmission or video address or address where to buy your private class, also write it in the text field after the image Description and short characteristics. In article type select Live chat, click on ref color below the image, in the pop-up page write in Ref color: referrer name for example One hour show right away, price for the hour of your show, available units 100 max, Write in minutes the entirety in minutes of your presentation or session. If your class or transmission is free, write zero on the main page, or the cost of the first color ref class. To be visible in video and live chat you must make two versions of the same advertisement. In article type select live chat for private classes by writing the transmission link in Edit image and links below the image and in the other version of the advertisement select in video_show to display on the video page. You could upload images or videos for virtual talks or other related products. here and info

10- If the item is of the "rent" type, write the rental value per day (in the case of a room, farm, house, movable or immovable apartment), the sales tax value in your country, the bank transfer charges to your registered account or other charges. (In the case of tools, machinery or other, the real and current value of the item to be rented must be paid to its owner prior to the delivery of the rented item) when the lessor returns the item, the days of rent will be taken into account, any damage caused to the thing or another according to a written contract. The value to be returned is discounted from the value left by the thing, all of this is written in a rental or lease contract (which must be made by the lawyer of the owner of the item to be rented).

11- In the section "Individual Sales Tax VAT, Tax": This tax is automatically deducted from the sale price of the item when a user purchases their product or service with PSE, Efecty, Visa, Master card, Amex. If the sales tax is different in your country or you want to include the sales tax value in the product price, enter Zero (0) by rewriting the value in this box.

12-In the “Charges x Bank Transfer” section: This field reflects the cost value for transferring funds to your bank account that will be automatically deducted from the value of the sale when a user pays for their product or service with PSE, Efecty, Visa, Master Card or Amex. In a single transfer cost for each sale in which you can include several of your sales in clavameya when you make the relationship and collections. When you select No in the drop-down menu, the transfer cost is assumed by you as the seller, selecting Yes, the buyer assumes the cost. It is a standard charge according to the selected currency of this item.

Terms and conditions multivive is a search, communication, information service of which it does not offer any conditions or guarantees, nor does it have control over its use by users, which is unpredictable is not part of nor does it share the thoughts, ideology, inclination of the author, nor is he responsible for the writings, which is the sole origin of the author through his own or other sources). Interaction on this website of any kind is at your own risk. We can warn the user about security measures when meeting a new person in shopping centers, accompanied, leaving information to their relatives about their plans, not providing personal information on the first date, unless they have several meetings with deep knowledge of The other person, finding the veracity of the advertisements and advertisers is their responsibility. We can warn in the mode of communication by, if there is chat interaction or inappropriate messages or comments or images of any kind or text that are not requested or prohibited by law, the account of the offending user will be suspended permanently or indefinitely. If there is transmission, emission, sending and receiving of prohibited material in any mode and territory by this means; Possibly the information on provenance and controlled virtual material will be exposed to the corresponding authority. ConsultTerms and conditions