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1- Purchases made by credit card, Paypal, Nequi, Pse, through, will be credited or paid to the seller after the buyer has received and rated the product or service. In your account where you can view amounts, dates, and balances of your money. In the case of tangible returns, it must be in its original, unused condition, with all accessories, packaging and attached documents. The refund depends on the conciliation between seller and buyer with their arguments. You can pay with your balance for other products or services and/or return funds to your bank. Also in your account you can select if you received the product or service to your satisfaction. Once you have made the transfer of the purchase money through communicated means, will be transferred to the seller after verifications, qualifications and verification of accounts, satisfaction of both parties, otherwise it will be kept frozen until resolved in case of conflict, such as defective products, different from the publication or damage in installation or transportation . In these cases, if there was damage in the installation of the product, it must be returned to the seller for evaluation, repair or replacement under warranty. In such case, there will be no refund of money to the buyer even if requested, only if the seller authorizes it. This procedure reduces irresponsibility and charges for non-existent products or services not received, raising the level of security in transactions and payments for something real and existing through the platform. The buyer can compare what was received with the characteristics published and/or shown in the images of the advertisements on,; In case the characteristics, models and/or images published by the seller are different from those received, the buyer could return the product and/or contact the seller to agree on what to do with the return and/or initiate a claim in their findmeya account. com. In case of return of the physical product to the buyer, it must qualify in your account describing the reason for the return, agreeing to the terms, conditions and charges relating to it, or if there are any other procedures in case of disagreement with the product or service published by the advertiser. In case of dispute (Include Ad ID Code, date and Transaction Price) both the seller and the buyer can reciprocate, defend and/or prove. In your user account at, you will have all records of purchases, sales, reservations, complaints and account profiles. In case of return, the seller will review and verify the product with serial numbers, model, physical condition, absence of parts, use or other, which will be taken into account in the dispute of return of funds, exchange or repair of the item. Open business account. Transactions made by users through findmeya in cash or barter, PayPal, western union and others are the exclusive responsibility of the user, buyer, seller, supplier, deliveries of products or services with their guarantees are in fact personal and in their hands, of which with its terms has no control or responsibility. Before purchasing, the user could save time and disappointment by verifying the advertiser by calling or writing to them through the contact us text field in the middle part of the ad to see more, ask for references of their business, various photos of their products or profession, links in other pages, keep in mind that pages and websites such as advertisements may appear and disappear at any time due to being unconditional, open source, addresses and emails only verifiable by the user such as their telephone numbers, city and country of origin, invoices and receipts, addresses of your physical or virtual premises, name or registration number, etc. This is because users, sellers and suppliers are in the cloud where they can generate and delete ads in a matter of seconds without a trace,foundmeya will have a record in their databases but it will not be verifiable, therefore the user is aware that the service can be used in unpredictable ways by anyone at any time according to their discretion, intention and thinking. Transactions that require immediate approval will be authorized by the user(s) with a written request through the email registered in their account(s). In the event that the buyer does not receive the product or service or there is a claim, or, if after there is a delivery agreement between the buyer and seller and it is not fulfilled, the buyer can receive back the payment he has made with his credit card or another registered means making a claim in a period not greater than and before 5 DAYS through dispute by completing it through your account at or at Contact Us

2- The article, item, property, service, rental, reservation, purchased, rented, advertised inside or outside the country of origin can be returned if the product is very different from its description or if the brand in the description or images is different, it must be in its original packaging, in perfect salable condition with its original packaging without missing parts, unused, salable as new with its accessories, original papers and guarantees, within the first 5 days from the date of receipt, having proof on the day of receipt, the buyer is responsible for the return shipping costs to the seller, re-storage, handling, transportation, amount or other charges that the Item has caused by agreeing with the seller regarding the monetary balance to be returned. if you have paid in cash or means other than credit cards supplied to the merchant or through PAYU another provider. In services, reservation rental purchased, the amount paid can be reversed if the service, rental is different from the product description. The qualification in your account is important because from there the system will determine the status and retention of funds (no more than 5 days) if there is any discrepancy in the parties, therefore the service or rental reservation must be qualified before 5 days from the purchase and shipment of the item, service, rental or reservation. In International purchases, the return of the product or service can be made within the first 5 days following the day of receipt, keeping the delivery receipts as well as the return shipping receipts, which must be scanned and sent to the seller as soon as it is made. return. Agree with the seller and/or buyer for any discrepancies before qualifying.

3- The warranty is visible in the purchase panel, possibly explained in the product specifications, if there are none you can contact the seller for definitions or specifications. In the case of used items, the seller must provide the original warranty paper to the new buyer. In the event of no guarantee, the buyer must be informed and specified in the purchasing and/or sales panel.

4- Cancellations of the purchase of a rental reservation product or service are possible within 6 hours of payment for the product if you first contact the seller or service provider to agree on the cancellation terms. Before purchasing, it is good to ask and obtain complete advice from the seller of the product or service or rental to avoid cancellations that may generate discrepancies.

5- Items shipped nationally and internationally generate a tracking number which must be provided to the buyer and/or seller in the shortest period possible.

6- Each purchase and sale must be qualified as soon as it is received or obtained.

7- The delivery of the product depends on the company chosen by the seller or the buyer. Tracking or shipping and tracking status can be done with different applications such as 17 track ,or another with the tracking number provided by the seller

8- In the case of rental or reservation on the part of the lessor or reservation provider, everything is under their responsibility such as insurance for loss or damage, taxes, terms of use and cancellation, import, export or other relevant to the service, etc.

9- Payments by credit card, efecty, pse or any means of payment are in some cases accumulated in a predetermined account, whose funds corresponding to your purchase/sale will be transferred to the corresponding party as soon as both parties qualify or after 5 days. following receipt of the Item or service.

10- As it is, it does not sell, rent or reserve any article, item or service, it is only a means of communication between people. All credentials, references, addresses, property titles, etc. It must be verified for its authenticity by the buyer before completing the transaction with the seller of which has only the information provided in its advertisement. The responsibility for the use of this website is assumed entirely by the user and exempts from all liability. See legal terms which are modifliclable at any time.

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