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In the stages of life we learn in a variety and different ways. Do to others what you would like others to do with you...Don't forget to be an example...leave something to remember so they don't forget you.
  • In order to have good personal relationships you need to know if you want to extract or share. Sharing encompasses emotions, adoption of feasible communication techniques with the help of harmony and agreement. Pumping will only make you happy when it provides you with what you need. Every person can share as long as they have the knowledge and even more so when they have the understanding. Age after or other does not justify the absence of knowledge and/or decision, for this there are guides with knowledge, parents and offspring assisting from the beginning considering free will. Do not anticipate the behaviors or reactions, distance yourself from the words, they have nothing to do with You, look at everything from a positive point of view and with love. Above all, observe the world and everyone always from a different perspective, with new eyes, the same could be with things and circumstances.. 
  • Love others for who they are and not for what you want them to be. Appreciation is what makes you care about something or someone, without it there is disinterest, inattention, lack of love, reluctance to learn from any possibility.
  • Empathy (ability to understand how another person feels and be able to feel with him or her)
  • Understand intentions, inclinations, emotions, connections, relationships and feelings
  • The attitude, if it is oriented to favor some interests, the audience would catch it and restrict the communication.
  • Learn emotional literacy, there are ways of effective, affective, superficial communication, attachment and simple ability to love others
  • The man is motivated by the physical and common sense, the woman is motivated by words and thought.
  • Being willing with enthusiasm in every positive or negative situation in life, in a good sense, are gifts for improvement and evolution that complements the perspective of the purpose of life.
  • Think and realize that you, I, others and the world are imperfect, we are here in part to evolve
  • Neither you nor the other person has the answer to all the questions, do not despair if you dont know them, let them answer you when you ask and listen without interrupting.
  • Ask questions with empathy, designed to rationalize what is not in sight
  • Look for a harmonious form of treatment that brings out your happiness for as long as possible, someone who is unconditional but committed to the well-being of both.
  • Always think that what you say or do will bring out something positive or negative in the other... you will win or lose with what you believe.
  • The stranger is a friend to meet... surround yourself with people who talk to you about goals, ideas, business, strategies, progress and not about gossip, novels and problems 
Pretty phrases
  • The best thing in life, among others, is knowing that our spirit will always be young, odd and unrepeatable.
  • The work is rewarding and a blessing
  • What a beautiful day for being so radiant with light and greatness.
  • The art of communication is partly knowing how to ask and shape sentences
  • If I had to start my life again I would try to travel, study and find you much sooner.
  • The life of every human being is a message for the universe, what is your message?
  • To improve you first need to experience the sensation of connecting with the physical realm. It could be raising your first pet plant or starting to learn the skill of fishing. Show yourself that your life is not just 4 walls in a room. It is beyond that. There are things waiting for you in the outside world that might excite you. You dont have to excel at it. You dont even have to be good at it. You just need to want to experience it. Starting to experience a different activity will rejuvenate your mind to think that you have broken the circle and, eventually, your body will follow the mind. Some days, you will start to feel better, and other days, you will start to worry about why you are not getting good at that skill.
  • The "fishing" trend consists of sending several messages to different contacts waiting to see who answers first or how many dynamic and interesting responses are received. With all the information, then it is time to choose which one to bet on.
  • I believed that communication was the basis of everything, but in the end it is understanding, because you can say everything you want, but if someone is not willing to understand, it will continue to be chaos
  • Find people doing the right thing. People will respect you for recognizing them. Be respectful of the feelings of others. They are as important as yours. Hold on to the truth. Express yourself honestly. Even if people judge you, do everything you can to avoid making snap judgments about them. Express appreciation. The most respected people genuinely express their appreciation in specific, positive terms. Be curious. Ask diligent, open-ended questions and listen.