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Specifies: To understand where the spirit of the human being comes from, one must begin understanding the function of the creative pattern, the energy formula of things and beings, purpose and optimization of co
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Price: 19.77   Dolar US
The soul and counscience

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In this text you will find possible answers to:

  • Is the spirit an energetic form or structure of some kind?  What elements are included and where are they found?

  • What does consciousness consist of and where does it reside?

  • Is the spirit the house of consciousness?

  • Is consciousness and spirit transformable?  according to chord or other

  • How do the decisions of consciousness differ from those of thought

  • How and when the soul or human essence is created

  • How do we know if something or being has consciousness?

    Who gave you the ability to learn, reason and evolve differently from other species?

    Who do you consider part of your existence?  generation, matter, ability or others...?

    Why it is important to make mental images of our experiences, write them down and relate them

    What does the term progress and transcendence mean to you?

    Every being has constructive or destructive power, what defines it ?

    Discernment, understanding, faith, tongues and interpretation are some gifts configured in the counscience, which more would you include?

    By learning we educate the spirit