How to be irresistible to others...People who are assertive clearly and respectfully communicate their desires, needs, positions and limits to others...they also listen and chat always in a non-conflictive conversational way... Continue reading

In this live activity you could find:
  • A good friend is telling the other in truthful, informative, fact-oriented detail the constructive or destructive outcome that some action may have. 
  • Written about human behaviors, performances, harmonies and inclinations 
  • What is empathy (ability to understand how another person feels and be able to feel with that person). How the diverse perception may afect the real and unreal  facts and memories
  • Falling in love and unions before 30 is for love, after this age it is for harmony...
  • Harmony could result from what is needed or complemented externally or internally by one being with another. The external of a person is his physique and thought, his internal is his spirit and consciousness... it is necessary to find a common ground
  • Certainty and support system, variety adding flavor to their lives, meaning and importance, love and physical and emotional connection, growing and evolving in their presence, contribution adding value to you