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Site-name: Cultivate Thought
Name or Ref. of item: What is missing in your world, virtual class
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Item type/state: On Live chat
Specifies: Awaken your spirit with knowlege, what is the purpose of life?, live with better understanding, click on the button below that says Visit my live chat, log in, click on the image, follow instructions
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Price: 12.00   Dolar US
What is missing in your world, virtual class

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In this live chat activity you could find: 

  • Live chat about their own and others behaviors bases, performances, harmonies and inclinations
  • Theoretical philosophical conversations about the universe, forces and elements
  • History and evolution of being 
  • Capacities of humanity, how to teach and open up to talents
  • Weaknesses and abilities
  • What to talk about on the road, empathy, balance, model, vulnerability... 
  • How to raise awareness and understanding
  • The purpose is the exercise to give us a clear meaning
  • Visit live chats...